Vondelpark Furniture

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2011

For Amsterdam's Vondelpark, which dates from the 19th century and is listed as a Dutch national heritage site, we designed a bespoke line of furniture made out of cast iron. The new furniture includes benches, information boards, name plates for the rose garden, name plates for monumental trees, title plates for art pieces and monuments, low fences, and drinking fountains. The park itself was design by father and son Zocher. One of the underlining thoughts behind its design is that the park is imbued with different characters and yet also forms a clear entity. The subtle variation in atmospheres is illustrated by the integration of different motifs within the cast iron frames of the new benches, which are inspired by the flora and fauna of the location.

In collaboration with Johan Selbing

Graphic design: Sonja Haller

Commissioner: City of Amsterdam

Producer: Samson Urban Elements, CM3 custom-made

Photography: Jeroen Musch