Tiny Plants of Baer

Hofsós, Iceland, 2017

These miniature botanical drawings are part of a series entitled Tiny Plants of Baer. They were made during an artist-in-residence at the Baer Art Centre in the north of Iceland. Characteristic of the Icelandic landscape are vast expanses of low vegetation growing on a mineral surface. Intrigued by which species this large open landscape was composed of, I went on a journey to scrutinise the green surface on my knees. The minuscule plants were drawn on a one to one scale using water colour. They were purposely drawn on a paper format much larger than the size of the plants in order to accentuate their smallness. The Tiny Plants of Baer is a tribute to the miniature plants that compose a panoramic landscape.

With special thanks to the Baer Art Centre

Titles in order of appearance:

Funny Mushroom, Horse Tail, Puff Ball, Tiny Moss, Dwarf Willow, Orange Lichen, Baby Dandelion, Moss Twig, Couch Grass

Size: 267 x 210 mm

Material: watercolour on 100% cotton