Prix de Rome Architecture 2010
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Characteristic of the western garden cities of Amsterdam is the open block layout. The existing plan makes it possible to connect the public spaces with a continuous green ribbon. This new linear park is framed by two rows of cherry trees that clearly define it. Within this frame, each yard is given a unique character by the particular layout of a specific tree species. The storage of the existing buildings is shifted from the front to the back of the blocks, enabling public functions and commercial facilities to replace the blind facades on the street side. While the area is currently subject to new developments, the proposed green ribbon fixes a trace of the area's original layout, remaining as a legacy of the original plan's modernist utopia.

This plan was designed for the Prix de Rome Architecture, the Netherlands most prestigious prize for young architects. For the second round of the competition a three-month residency at the Rijksacademie was offered to the finalists. For the making of the model we made intensive use of the institute's ceramic workshop. The projects were exhibited at the Architecture Centre of Amsterdam.

In collaboration with Johan Selbing
Model photographed by Jeroen Musch
Awarded the Basic Prize